Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Valeries in the gallery sausage roll


Where: the Galleries Town Hall
Tomato Sauce: free - but the lady just squirted it in the bag that the sausage roll was in and not on the sausage roll itself
Price: $3.80

Crunch Level



Messiness level

Meat to pastry ratio

Meat chunk sizes


So I was just going back home and decided that I needed a sausage roll. I saw this little place near Town Hall and decided to give it a shot. When I asked for the sausage roll the lady gave me it in a bag. I then asked 'do you have sauce'. She said 'sorry no sauce but I can put it on top for you'. So naturally I said 'yes' and was thinking to myself 'this is great, free sauce IN THE CITY'. Next thing you know, she opens the bag and just squirts sauce inside the bag (not on the sausage roll)!!!!

The sausage roll itself is below average. The meat chunks were too stuck together for a sausage roll and the taste was horrible. Surprisingly though the meat to pastry ratio was fine. 

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